Children's Learning & Development

Children learn and develop in many different ways. At Klever Kids Day Nursery the practitioners support children’s learning and development by offering them a rich learning environment. They provide the children with activities, resources and experiences that help them to develop to their full potential.

We are passionate about providing a caring nursery with the highest standards, where your child will be very happy. This means us having a relationship with you, the parents, as well as with your child.

Our practitioners have the skills and knowledge to work with your child to ensure their individual needs are being met, and that your child grows in confidence, independence and self-esteem.

We operate an open door policy, allowing you to be at the nursery as much as you require in order to help you and your child with the settling-in period.

When your child starts Klever Kids Day Nursery, they will be assigned a key worker. A key worker is the person that will liaise with you on a regular basis about your child’s learning and development and will share with you your child’s next steps that will develop and enhance your child’s learning.

They are also responsible for gathering key information that is crucial in your child’s development.

Klever Kids is a privately run day nursery in Nottingham, East Midlands. We cater for children aged 0-5 years for 51 weeks of the year.  

We also provide out of school holiday care for children aged  5 - 11 years.

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